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Island War Series -Vol. II          
Operation Stevedore, 1944
by Michael Taylor

The Island War Series game system is a simulation of ground combat in the Pacific during World War II. Each game in the system represents a battle between Allied and Imperial Japanese forces on one of the many Pacific Islands.

The series contains:

Saipan & Tinian - Vol. I   -   
Guam - Vol. II   -   Attu & Kiska - Vol. III

Two sets of rules are provided with each game. The first contains the Standard Rules that are common to all the games in the Island War Series. The second set contains the Exclusive Rules for each game in the system, which includes Special rules, the Initial Deployment and the Reinforcement Schedule. Generally the unit scale is battalion, but there are company and platoon formations represented. The time scale, unless noted in the Exclusive rules, is 1/2 day per turn.

Due to the nature of the battles covered in the series, all naval and air forces are abstract. This means the main focus of each game is ground combat. The games are designed for two players, but can accommodate multiple players. For example, one player can play the US Marines, one can play the US Army, and the third plays the Japanese.  The tactical situation for the defender can be described as "against the odds", which means it will be very difficult for the player playing the  defender to win the game tactically. The victory conditions are designed in such a way that the defender can win by performing better than his historical counterpart. This also puts a lot of pressure on the attacker because he cannot afford to make many mistakes.

Game features include - Limited IntelligenceAmphibious LandingsNight RulesBanzai Attacks
Coastal Defense UnitsBeachheads & ReplacementsFortificationsWeather - And More.

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