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Here you will find information on all the games available for Pre-Order. We have a wide variety of games from a wide variety of new, seasoned, and veteran game designers. These games are well along in the design process and are here garnering the 250 Customer Pre-Orders needed to move into Final Development. Once there they will undergo additional playtesting and development before being moved into Final Artwork where the map, counter, and box artwork will be finalized and prepped for production. 
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Maori Wars
New Zealand, 1845 - 1872
Designer: John Poniske

Maori Wars is a simulation of the principal uprisings that took place Between 1845 and 1872 due to British colonial incursions into native Maori lands on the North Island of New Zealand. Conflict involved the destruction of numerous villages, pas (strongly fortified villages that featured intricate trenchworks) and colonial settlements. The war introduced the British to a wily well-armed enemy whose defense works and strategy of ambush surprised and stymied them. As scenarios progress so does the extent of the conflict. More British regulars, native born Australian troops and New Zealand militia enter and are allied with increasingly more tribes who tend to change sides at the most inopportune times (those supporting the British came to be known as Queenites).

Approximate Retail Price: $54.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 468
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $40.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -218

Fall of a Fortress - 1942/1945
Designer: John Heim

Corregidor: Fall of a Fortress 1942/1945, includes two games, the Japanese bombardment and invasion in 1942 and the American re-conquest in 1945. The first battle covers the Japanese bombing of the island in early 1942 that ended in May of that year with the surrender of US forces to the Japanese. The second simulates the American airborne invasion after General Douglas MacArthur's return to the Philippines , Corregidor once again became a target of invasion, both to avenge the loss three years before and to clear the mouth ofManila Bay to Allied shipping.

Approximate Retail Price: $75.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 317
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $55.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -67

Russian Civil War Campaigns in the Ukraine, 1919
Designer: Marja Erwin

The October Revolution brought civil war in the Cossack lands; the German invasion brought guerilla war in the Ukraine. The German collapse only spread the war. All sides expected this war to decide the future of Ukraine and Russia and all were determined to win at any cost. The decisive battles came in the fall of 1919. The Volunteer Army took Voronezh and Orel before mounting losses and Red Army counterattacks forced their retreat. Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine broke through the White lines, taking Taganrog and Yekaterinoslav. By the end of 1919, the Bolsheviks and the Red Army had won. The Armed Forces of South Russia were retreating into the Crimea and Caucasus, while the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic was dispersing into partisan bands.

Approximate Retail Price: $64.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 321
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $45.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -71

Russo-Japanese War
Russo-Japanese War, 1904 - 1905
Designer: Michael Taylor

Russo-Japanese War is a detailed, operational-level game that models the historical 1904-05 campaign in Manchuria. The game is designed for two players, but can easily accommodate additional players. For example, each side might have separate naval and ground commanders and/or multiple ground commanders. The Russian player controls the Russian ground and naval forces. The Japanese player controls the Japanese ground and naval forces. The Russian player must defend Russian possessions in Manchuria while building up his armies by reinforcement from Siberia and European Russia, and then inflict unacceptable losses on his opponent and force him to sue for peace. The Japanese player must quickly defeat the Russian army before it can reinforce itself. Both sides must avoid heavy losses and a protracted war. Russian National Will and social unrest may bring on the downfall of the monarchy, while Japan has very limited resources (human, military and financial).

Approximate Retail Price: $100.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 355
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $75.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -105

The Marauder Strikes
Designer: Magnus Kimura

The B-26 has arrived in the European Theater of Operations. It has now joined the B-17, B-24 and the Lancaster over the skies of war torn Europe... B-26: The Marauder Strikes! is a solitaire game set onboard a Martin B-26 Marauder medium bomber during World War Two in the European Theater of Operations from July 1943 until the end of the war in May 1945. It is a big game in that there are many target lists, rules, mission maps and details which are not found in B-17: Queen of the Skies or B-29 Superfortress: Bombers over Japan. For example, the Damage Tables are more detailed than the earlier games and the combat system is similar, but completely new. The Target Lists include a large selection of targets attacked by B-26s from July 1943 until the end of the war in May 1945 and are placed on 13 maps (Movement Boards) which are different depending on where your base is located, from England to the Netherlands. Different models of the B-26 is also included from the early B-26 in 1941 until the B-26G which entered combat in October 1944. The earlier models are not used in the European Theater of Operations (the ETO) in which B-26: The Marauder Strikes! is set, but will be used in 22nd Bomb Group: Marauders from Australia, an add-on variant set in the Pacific in the war against Japan in New Guinea.
Approximate Retail Price: $75.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 420
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $55.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -170

Island War Series- Volume II
Operation Stevedore, 1944
Designer: Michael Taylor

The Island War Series game system is a simulation of ground combat in the Pacific during World War II. Each game in the system represents a battle between Allied and Imperial Japanese forces on one of the many Pacific Islands. Two sets of rules are provided with each game. The first contains the Standard Rules that are common to all the games in the Island War Series. The second set contains the Exclusive Rules for each game in the system, which includes Special rules, the Initial Deployment and the Reinforcement Schedule. Generally the unit scale is battalion, but there are company and platoon formations represented. The time scale is 1/2 day per turn.

Approximate Retail Price: $80.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 186
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $60.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 64

Island War Series- Volume III
Attu & Kiska
Aleutian Islands Campaign, 1943
Designer: Michael Taylor

The Island War Series game system is a simulation of ground combat in the Pacific during World War II. Each game in the system represents a battle between Allied and Imperial Japanese forces on one of the many Pacific Islands. Two sets of rules are provided with each game. The first contains the Standard Rules that are common to all the games in the Island War Series. The second set contains the Exclusive Rules for each game in the system, which includes Special rules, the Initial Deployment and the Reinforcement Schedule. Generally the unit scale is battalion, but there are company and platoon formations represented. The time scale is 1/2 day per turn.

Approximate Retail Price: $75.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 174
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $56.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 76

SHS Series- Volume I
The Battle of Blenheim
August 13th, 1704
Designer: Steve Pole

The Battle of Blenheim is a tactical level two player game covering one of the pivotal battles during the War of Spanish Succession. One player takes the role of Marlborough, commanding the British and Allied forces, and the other of Tallard, leading the Franco-Bavarians. At Blenheim Marlborough found himself confronting a superior Franco-Bavarian force in a strong defensive position. Like Hannibal's great victory at Cannae, Blenheim was won by the successful implementation of a bold and imaginative plan. The flanks of the Franco-Bavarian forces were pinned by furious attacks at unfavourable odds which denuded their centre of troops re-deployed to buttress the hard-pressed wings. Then Marlborough released his cavalry to smash what was left of Franco-Bavarian centre and cleave Tallard's army into two. The threat that Louis VIV's France would come to dominate Europe was over.

Approximate Retail Price: $56.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 234
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $42.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 16
This game is in production now and shipping early 2018.

Battles of the Northwest Rebellion
Saskatchewan, Canada, March - May, 1885
Designer: Mark Woloshen

Five Battles of the Northwest Rebellion
  • Duck Lake - March 26, 1885
  • Fish Creek - April 24, 1885
  • Cut Knife Hill - May 2, 1885
  • Frenchman's Butte - May 28, 1885
  • Loon Lake - June 3, 1885

Approximate Retail Price: $54.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 152
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $40.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 98

Fire on the Mountain
The Battle of South Mountian - September 14, 1862
Designer: John Poniske

Fire on the Mountain is a simulation of the Battle of South Mountain and concentrates on the action around Turner's Gap and Fox's Gap. It will emphasize the difficulty of mountainous terrain and the seesaw nature of a battle into which reinforcements continue to trickle and officer casualties effect combat operations. The game uses simple mechanics to simulate movement, artillery, cavalry, leaders, and difficult terrain, with a unique combat system that allows the game to move quickly while still simulating the tense nature of the battle. The game will be produced with double-wide counters (1 1/4" x 5/8") and oversized hexes to accomodate them.

Approximate Retail Price: $54.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 235
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $40.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 15

The Last Invasion
The Fenian Raids on Canada - 1866 & 1870
Designer: Mark Woloshen

This is a pair of games, covering the battles of Ridgeway (1866) and Eccles Hill (1870), when large numbers of well armed and trained Fenians crossed the U.S. - Canada border. There goal was to take territory in an effort to put pressure on the British government.

Approximate Retail Price: $54.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 117
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $40.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 133

Decisive Victory, 1918
The Second Battle of the Marne
Designer: Tim Gale

Decisive Victory, 1918, cover the Allied offensive in July of 1918 know as the Second Battle of the Marne. It is significant for a number of reasons; it was the first time that the French army used a large-scale attack with tanks supported by a surprise (i.e. not pre-registered) artillery bombardment, similar to the British attack the previous year at Cambrai, and it was the first time that full-size US divisions went on the offensive incorporated in the French army. It was not known at the time, although suspected by many, that this battle was the death-knell of the German army.

Approximate Retail Price: $120.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 185
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $85.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 65

The Waters of Oblivion
The British Invasions of Argentina 1806-1807
Designer: Joseph Miranda & Javier Romero

The Waters of Oblivion is an operational level wargame of the British attempt to conquer the River Plate area. The British invasions of the Rio de la Plata were a series of unsuccessful British attempts to seize control of the Spanish colonies located around the La Plata Basin in South America (today part of Argentina and Uruguay). The invasions took place between 1806 and 1807, as part of the Napoleonic Wars, when Spain was an ally of France. The invasions occurred in two phases. A detachment from the British Army occupied Buenos Aires for 46 days in 1806 before being expelled. In 1807, a second force occupied Montevideo, remaining for several months, and a third force made a second attempt to take Buenos Aires. After several days of street-fighting against the local militia and Spanish colonial army, in which half of the British forces were killed or wounded, the British were forced to withdraw.
Approximate Retail Price: $54.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 116
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $40.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 134

Monsters of the Purple Twilight
Designer: Alan Sherwood

This was the world's first strategic bombing campaign, the first time death rained from the skies onto an unsuspecting populace. Although seemingly ponderous and fragile, and filled with inflammable hydrogen, in 1914 the airships built by Count Zeppelin for the fatherland were a much more viable platform to bomb the English than the rickety wood and canvas aeroplanes that struggled into the sky at the time. Able to fly for days and cover thousands of miles, they were a true 'airy navy'. However, despite the conviction of its champion, the Leader of Airships Fgtkpt Peter Strasser, this Teutonic leviathan was not a war winning weapon, and failed to deliver the hoped-for victory. Any reading of the campaign will show that their greatest challenge was not the British defences, but just finding their way over the British countryside. In the dark (all raids were at night), it all looks much the same, and there were no radio beams to guide them like in WWII. This is reflected in the game; above all it is a game of navigation.

This game offers a definitive study of that unusual campaign, with a set of 20 scenarios (each being an actual historical raid), covering the entire 4 years of the campaign. The subject matter naturally lends itself well to solitaire play as well, and specific rules for this are included.

Approximate Retail Price: $85.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 246
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $62.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 4

Miracle at Dunkerque
The British Withdrawal from France, May - June 1940
solitaire game design by Hermann Luttmann

In May of 1940 the German army invaded Holland, Belgium and France. In a matter of a few weeks they rolled up the combined armies of Belgium, France and England. The BEF (British Expeditionary Force) and other nearby Allied forces were forced to retreat toward the French coast, resulting in about 400,000 men being surrounded near the town of Dunkirk. Rescue operations commenced to evacuate these forces to England and Winston Churchill, the new Prime Minister of Great Britain, was hopeful that perhaps 30,000 men could be rescued from the trap. Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay was put in charge of "Operation Dynamo", the goal of which was to send ships of all sizes and shapes to evacuate these beleaguered soldiers from the beaches of France and Belgium. Through skill, efficient planning and poor German coordination (along with some fortuitous luck), the operation was able to rescue an incredible 330,000 men from the pocket. A true military miracle had been performed and by doing so, the future of the Second World War was forever altered.

Miracle at Dunkerque is essentially a solitaire game, but also includes a two-player option. It is meant to recreate the tense situation within the Dunkirk perimeter during those last eight days in May and June 1940. The game design aims to capture the spirit of the difficult decision-making challenges faced by Allied commanders as they attempted to extricate the remnants of Britain's last field army from certain capture or death. Historically-based Event Cards drive the action and create varying circumstances each turn. The besieging German forces (army, air and naval units) are controlled by these cards, which are specifically designed to place constant pressure on the player. Allied Player Actions must be allocated each turn for the defense of the perimeter, the creation of evacuee units and the loading of these evacuees from the beaches and moles to available ships and then sailed onward to the safety of England. You obviously cannot save all the Allied units, so you must choose who stays to fight and who shall attempt to escape in order to continue the struggle against the Nazis another day.

Approximate Retail Price: $56.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 352
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $41.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -102

By Mountains and Sea
The Battle for Novorossiysk - February, 1943
Designer: Mark Jessop

By 1943 the Soviets had turned the tide against the Germans. The only foothold that the enemy then had in the Caucasus was in the Kuban region. To eject them fully from there the Soviets instigated Operation Gory/Morsky - a joint operation by land, air, and sea. This is a conflict simulation of the part of that operation encompassing the assault on the port city of Novorossiysk.

Two or more players assume opposed sides. Either the German and Romanians, or the Soviets. With a time scale of some ten days (the game can end before then), the Soviets are tasked with landing naval infantry (the Black Devils), and dropping paratroopers in an attempt to take control of the city. As well as the basic game there are also several shorter scenarios.

Units in the game are represented by 20x20x10mm blocks increasing the level of fog of war. The game map portrays the region around Novorossiysk and uses a hexagonal grid of small hexes that are grouped into larger seven hex 'Air Space' zones for air combat, paratroop drops, and artillery bombardments. Each small hex is approximately 2 kms across. The game covers the nine days of the assault (one full turn per day) with three separate phases per day (morning, afternoon, and night). A Weather section ascertains the weather for each phase.

Approximate Retail Price: $75.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 72
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $55.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 178

Air Raid Pearl Harbor
December 7th, 1941
Designer: John Heim

Air Raid - Pearl Harbor! is a detailed simulation and study of an iconic event in U.S. and, indeed, world history. It is an extensively researched wargame inspired by the nearly life-long interest of the designer in the subject matter. Units are individual ships and also individual aircraft, although these are amalgamated into various counters by aircraft type. There is area movement for some portions of the map, and the areas of particular interest are modeled using 250-yard-wide hexes. The simulation is detailed but not overly complex and includes various subsystems to render results for air-to-air, air-to-ground/ship, anti-aircraft, and also anti-submarine operations, to engage any full-size and/or midget Japanese submarines brought into action.

The initial scenario may be played by two players, although it is designed to be a solitaire introduction to the system and also a way to let players experience and study this historic battle, to give insight into much of what happened and why. The likelihood is that you will achieve the historical result, a Japanese Tactical Victory. The standard scenario presents all of the forces available to both sides and allows the Japanese player to modify his or her deployment and attack plans up to and including the composition of the two attack waves. If you think you can plan a more successful attack than Minoru Genda did, you have here the tools to try. Conversely, the U.S. player has the opportunity to fight back to the best of his or her ability, and various optional rules - particularly variations in the initial Alert Level - give the U.S. player more assets with which to fight and more assets to save through evacuation.

There is also a scenario which has one or two American aircraft carriers in port and your initial thought is probably that this is a huge bonus toward Strategic Victory for the Japanese. However, the main Japanese player dilemma of this simulation is that the Japanese have a finite amount of aircraft and ordnance, and more targets are not necessarily a guarantee of victory. You will find that you need to target appropriately and generally roll for damage well in order to successfully hit everything you need to hit. The options allowing a third strike later in the day or the next day are a gamble - you can strike again, but at a fully alerted, albeit weakened, set of targets and you risk losing more aircraft, which equal Victory Points for the U.S.

Approximate Retail Price: $75.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 344
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $55.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -94

All Are Brothers
Solferino, 1859
Designer: Bryan Armor

All Are Brothers: Solferino, 1859 simulates the decisive battle of the Second Italian War of Independence at the Brigade-level, with some additional Regimental-size and smaller detachments included. National, army, and corps-level leaders are represented, on a Rick Barber map at 500 meters per hex, with 1-hour turns. Four scenarios are included: three that separately cover the north, central, and southern sectors of the battle, as well as a combined full battle scenario. The northern sector scenario - "San Martino" - is the smallest in scope and serves as a nice introductory scenario to the battle and to the game's ruleset. The combined scenario is suitable for up to four players (France, Sardinia-Piedmont, Austrian 1st Army, and Austrian 2nd Army).

The battle itself was a grinding slugfest often described as a "soldier's battle" - a deliberate slight to the often uninspired leadership of the generals and a tribute to an allied victory gained only at the tip of the bayonet. Villagers in the surrounding region would do their best in the days after to treat the myriad wounded, and answer as to why Austrians, Hungarians, Czechs, Serbs, and Slovaks were treated as well as the Italians: "Tutti fratelli" (All are brothers). The battle pits two Austrian armies against the combined forces of France and Sardinia-Piedmont, and features the full panoply of colorful period units - Jagers and Grenzers, massed cavalry divisions of all types, Bersaglieri, French Imperial Guard, and the French African Zouaves and Turcos. Advances in infantry and artillery firepower would soon make the tactics of the time obsolete, and the carnage at Solferino reflected the start of this paradigm shift, soon to be highlighted bloodily by the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian wars.

This treatment of Solferino features an adaptation of Hermann Luttmann's Blind Swords system as the core ruleset. The system is heavy on unpredictability and fog of war due to the chit pull mechanic. The chit pull mechanic also very much aids in solitaire play, as does variable activation rules and reinforcement tables. A number of other features help make face-to-face play attractive, including the Strategic Initiative system, a number of scenario variants and optional rules, the optional Encounter Battle system (focusing on altering starting and reinforcement conditions to allow the course of the battle to develop differently than in the historical case), and the move-and-countermove event chit play. Nation-specific event chits inject some period flavor as well.

Approximate Retail Price: $66.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 143
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $48.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 107

Black Eagles Over Belgium
Blucher vs. Napoleon, 1815
Designer: Paul Fish

Black Eagles Over Belgium is not just "another" Waterloo game - it is a game that focuses on the battles of the Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine, under Field Marshal Gebhard von Blucher, during the Waterloo campaign. This was an army that was arguably inferior in quality and preparedness when compared to any of the Prussian armies previously fielded in the Napoleonic Wars (in fact, one-third of its infantry force consisting of untrained "landwehr'). Despite this huge disadvantage, it was the tenacity and resilience of this same inexperienced and unprepared Prussian host that decidedly helped defeat Napoleon's attempt at a new French empire.

Black Eagles Over Belgium is a regimental/battalion scale game that allows two players to recreate the battles of Ligny, Wavre and Plancenoit by utilizing a fun, playable and yet historically accurate operating system. The game uses an entertaining dual-chit-pull mechanic in which players generate Action Points and Events that allow them to maneuver, fight and rally their armies in an unpredictable sequence. Additionally, each game turn will end randomly upon the third "End Turn" chit being pulled. This makes game play highly engaging and keeps both players constantly on edge, challenging them to make tough decisions with almost every chit pull. Each of the three battles provided in this package presents a different situation for players to fight through. In addition, the game will include a simple campaign system so that all three battles can be tied together. There are tough defenses to be mounted, spoiling attacks to be timed properly and frontal assaults to be launched, each conducted to achieve varying victory conditions. Despite sharing a common system, these three battles each have a distinctly different feel to them and thus keeps Black Eagles Over Belgium a fresh experience each time it hits the gaming table.

Approximate Retail Price: $56.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 124
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $41.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 126

Waning Crescent, Shattered Cross
The Seige of Malta, 1565
Designer: Andy Loakes

Following the fall of Rhodes, the Knights of St John rewarded Suleiman's magnanimity by harassing Turkish shipping and commerce from their new home in Malta. In 1565, Suleiman sent his generals to finish the task he had left incomplete more than 40 years previously. The Turks laid siege with a force that reached 60,000 in number. They would exterminate the 500 Knights of St John defending the island and wipe the Order from the face of the earth - or so they thought. If ever there was an 'against the odds' situation then this was surely it.

Waning Crescent, Shattered Cross (WCSC) is a two player game recreating the incredible events that occurred on this small Mediterranean island and changed the course of European history. Using cards to drive events, WCSC is a relatively quick playing, low complexity simulation. Players must decide whether to try to build their hands to a size that might deliver a decisive blow or to use their cards to gradually wear down their opponent. And the play of cards complements the management of resource including supply, artillery, men and even honour.Acts of treachery, torture and atrocities will contrast starkly with acts of heroism, rousing speeches and even the celebration of Saints Days in the midst of horror and terror.

Approximate Retail Price: $90.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 268
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $65.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -18

Fleet Command in the Ancient World
Designer: Mike Nagel

Navarchoi is a low complexity game of ancient naval combat, designed to play quickly and with as many ships as possible. Typically, the battles simulated by this game system involved fleets comprised of hundreds of ships on a side. Unfortunately doing so is nearly impossible in play, so each ship represents several ships and the battles are more interpretations than actual simulations. The game is designed to entertain more so than to educate, but players will still derive a sense for the tactics of the period.

Generally, ancient galleys were initially named based upon the number of banks of oars a ship had on each side, but as the ships became larger, they were named according to the number of oarsmen in each section. A bireme had two banks, a trireme had three banks, whereas a quadreme and quinquerme had four and five rowers respectively. Ships represent one or more oared vessels involved in combat. The number of vessels a ship represents is dependent on the battle being fought. Each ship is represented by two separate units that may be interchanged during play. One unit indicates the ship while undamaged. The second, or damaged, marker is indicated with a white bar. While one unit is placed and moved on the map, the other is placed off-map and used to track the ship's status and equipment.

Approximate Retail Price: $80.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 121
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $58.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 129

Captain's Sea
Ship to Ship Combat in the Age of Sail
Designer: Mike Nagel

Captain's Sea is a low-to-moderate complexity game for two players who take the roles as captains of the original American frigates (Chesapeake, Congress, Constellation, Constitution, President, and United States) or their opponents from the British or French navies during the turn of the 19th Century. All of the classic duels fought by these ships are represented in detail. Unlike other age of sail games that focus on fleet actions, Captain's Sea puts you on the deck of a single ship with the responsibility of leading her to victory. You must maneuver against the wind and your opponent to achieve optimum firepower, as well as manage your crew as they scramble to man the guns, work the rigging, and repair battle damage, all while being hammered by the burning shot and flying splinters caused by your enemy. Can you keep your crew in good order or will you be the first to strike the colors?

The action of the game is driven by control of the weather gauge. This is done in a unique fashion by moving ships relative to both the wind and each other, stressing the benefit of position. The ship with the better position has greater flexibility in maneuver as each player predetermines his ship's movement through a simple action selection process that does not require pencil and paper to track. Players must also allocate available crew points (a diminishing commodity as a ship takes damage) to man the guns, rigging, or other actions that the situation might mandate. A deck of action cards provides period flavor and swings of fortune. Throughout a turn, you as captain, are bombarded with difficult decisions that determine the fate of your ship.

Included with the game are ten scenarios, including such classic engagements as the Constellation vs. L'Insurgete (9 February 1799), Constitution vs. Guerrier (19 August 1812), and Chesapeake vs. Shannon (1 June 1813). Even those ships that did not fight a major engagement get the opportunity to play out a historical opportunity missed. Additionally, players will find it easy to create hypothetical pairings to see what might

Approximate Retail Price: $75.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 178
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $55.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 72

The Berlin Airlift
24 June, 1948 - 12 May, 1949
Designer: John Poniske

In April of 1948 soviet forces halted the supply of Berlin in the British zone then went on to block land routes in the American zone. This was easy to do since Berlin itself lay deep in the Russian zone. Two million civilians dependent on allied supply watched delivery slow to a trickle. Requiring a daily minimum of 5000 tons of food, fuel, and other necessities, Berliners began dipping into their reserves. American officials estimated they would run out of fuel in 45 days but would run out of food long before that.

The Allies faced a difficult decision. Abandoning the city would be a huge loss of face that could lead to the eventual loss of all of Germany to the communist bloc. On the other hand, with all land routes into Berlin cut the city could only be supplied by air, and was such a thing even possible? The Soviets didn't think so. When the blockade commenced, Americans were only capable of delivering 300 tons of supply a day. Together with the British who could manage 400 daily tons. Officials admitted the tonnage still fell woefully short.

Supplying a major city by air for an indefinite amount of time? Nothing approaching it had ever been attempted. Despite the overwhelming odds, the Allies determined to give it a go. Veteran pilots and aircrews were recalled as disbanded cargo units were refitted and flown back to Europe. The effort was massive... no, it was beyond massive, nevertheless, Stalin was certain the operation would fail. His determined opponents proved him wrong. This Herculean effort is remembered as the West's most selfless accomplishment.

Over the course of 12 months the airlift provided 2,225,510 tons of cargo for the city's survival. At one point an airlift plane was lifting off every four minutes. In the end, more supply was provided to Berlin by air than could have been provided by rail. The Soviets did not stand passively by. There were 726 recorded instances of Soviet harassment involving everything from aerial buzzing, and ground fire to rockets, chemicals, smoke and balloons. In the course of the airlift 25 aircraft were lost, costing the lives of over 100 American, British and German personnel. And during the course of the airlift, many curious and heartwarming incidents enhanced the legend of their effort, including the candy bomber, the tour of Clarence the camel and the Easter Parade.

The Berlin Airlift is a historical treasure begging to be gamed and here we attempt to fit the bill. But a game is only as enjoyable as the conflict it portrays. Here the game pits players against each other in a race against the clock. Can players overcome accidents, miscommunication and soviet interference to achieve their goals? Who can deliver the most tonnage, and will it be enough for Berliners to survive? Naturally, Berlin Airlift is only representative of the larger enterprise, but in it, players will enjoy tense competition as they face all of the elements these brave allied aircrews faced when the war ended and - the blockade began.

Approximate Retail Price: $80.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 223
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $58.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 27

Heart of Darkness
An Adventure Game of African Exploration
Designer: Kim Kanger

This is a game of adventure and exploration where you, together with five other players, venture into deepest Africa. The time period is mid-19th century and you start your expedition at one of the six Ports of Entry.

Your journey is financed by a major newspaper and publisher back home, and they expect you to bring home fantastic stories that they can publish. Your expedition consists of you and armed askaris, which are local African soldiers, and porters that carry food and gifts. There will be occasional local guides and goats to keep you company.

The quest is to trek into what is unknown to you. You will interact with people that you meet, while searching for the myths and legends that are said to exist somewhere in Africa. To walk the land among people that might not appreciate your presence, to face hunger and predators, and to reveal what perhaps should remain hidden is dangerous. Not only are the lives of your expedition at stake, but your sanity as well.

But then again, as the old trader said, "are you not entering the Heart of Darkness?"

Approximate Retail Price: $75.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 264
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $55.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -14

Battles of the English Civil Wars 1642 - 1651
Volume I
Designer: Roberto Chiavini

Battles of the English Civil Wars (1642-1651) Series was originally published by TCS Games as several Desktop Published games. In the LCD tradition, they are perfect for those wanting a game that is fast to learn and quick to play. These games will include all new graphics, corrected errata, and consolidated rules.

Volume I features four of the most famous and significant battles from the First English Civil War (1642-1646) which saw Royalist ('Cavalier') supporters of King Charles I against the Parliamentarian ('Roundhead') supporters of the Long Parliament.

Edgehill (1642)
First Newbury (1643)
Marston Moor (1644)
Naseby (1645)

Approximate Retail Price: $66.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 142
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $48.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 108

Battles of the Thirty Years War 1618 - 1648
Volume I
Designer: Roberto Chiavini

Battles of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) Series was originally published by TCS Games as several Desktop Published games. In the LCD tradition, they are perfect for those wanting a game that is fast to learn and quick to play. These games will include all new graphics, corrected errata, and consolidated rules.

The Battle of White Mountain (November 8 1620)
The Battle of Fleurus (August 29, 1622)
The Battle of Lutter (27 August 1626)

Approximate Retail Price: $56.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 130
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $41.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 120

Drive on Voronezh
June 28 - July 27, 1942
Designer: John Theissen

The Battle of Voronezh was fought on the Eastern Front of World War II, in and around the strategically important city of Voronezh on the Don river, 450 km (280 mi) south of Moscow, from 28 June-27 July 1942, as the opening move of the German summer offensive that year. The German attack in this sector bit into parts of the Soviet Briansk and Southwestern Fronts with German panzer corps leading the drive.The German assault was conducted by the element of the 4th Panzer Army's forces of Army Group South under commanded by General Hermann Hoth, who was under strict instructions not to get bogged down in street-to-street fighting.

The armored units of the 4th Panzer Army partly captured Voronezh on 6 July by occupying the western river-bank suburbs, however German troops were subjected to a Red Army counter-attack. The 4th Panzer Army was to be followed by the Sixth Army, and when Voronezh was occupied the former was to wheel south-eastward and move down the right bank of the Don towards Stalingrad as part of Operation Blau. It took two days for infantry divisions from the Army Group South to reach Voronezh to hold the line and free the Panzer troops; Adolf Hitler later came to believe that these two days, when combined with other avoidable delays on the drive south, allowed Marshal Semyon Timoshenko to reinforce the forces in Stalingrad before the 4th Panzer Army could arrive.

Drive on Voronezh covers this opening move in the Fall Blau offensive. The scale of the game is nine miles per hex and two days per turn. The basic units in the game are divisions with special brigades for the Germans and brigades/corps for the Russians. The game uses a basic I Go - You Go system but also includes special event cards that allow players to augment certain combat and movement situations.

Approximate Retail Price: $48.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 87
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $35.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 163

Invasion: MALTA
(bonus game Invasion: Leros)
Designer: Vance von Borries

Invasion: Malta uses many familiar game mechanics found in similar scale games. Featured here are chit draws for activation of formations and individual unit efficiency ratings. The Axis player uses amphibious landings and airdrops to bring his units into the battle while the Allied player defends with artillery bombardment from behind heavy fortifications. Special rules include heavy tanks and dummy airdrops, and more, as found in a group of random events that players draw in order to obtain special capabilities, such as Deception Measures, Gas, Anti-tank guns, Transport, Smoke Screen, and much more. As you might expect, the game includes the highest quality OoB for both sides for each scenarios; we really dug into various national archives for this game. All scenarios stop after only a few days of campaigning as it is during this time that the battle would be decided. Our hobby has perhaps a unique ability to explore the great questions of events in history. Here, what if during WWII the Axis actually invaded Malta. Who would win? The answer turns on many additional questions and circumstances. This two-player game explores several of these in three scenarios plus the bonus game covering the historical invasion of Leros.

Three Scenarios: Fall 1940 - Spring 1941 - Summer 1942
Bonus Game - Invasion: Leros, November 1943
Approximate Retail Price: $80.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 204
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $58.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 46

Burma 1944
Designer: Kim Kanger

in 1944, the Japanese, being outnumbered and with hardly any supply, said "enough is enough" and attacked. Why not? It worked in 1942. But this time Japanese hubris met Slim, the best British General of WW2, in the west; Stilwell's well trained and hard fighting Chinese troops in the North; Wingate's Chindit brigades in the middle amongst them; Chinese Yunnan soldiers who, after Chiang finally let them loose, took heavy casualties when investing the Japanese in the east. This time, after many ferocious battles, the Japanese met their Nemesis and were, in the end, utterly defeated.

Nemesis... ... features my "Open Game Turn" system. The Game Turn consists of only four phases:
  1. Assault (where you first move and then overrun)
  2. Attack
  3. Supply Check
  4. Reinforcement
The phases are drawn as chits, so you will not know in what order they will appear, with the exception of the first chit in a Game Turn which is chosen from the first three drawn chits in the previous Game Turn. Both players have a set of four Phase Chits each and they take turns drawing them. The game mechanics are easy to master. The game play may not be.
Approximate Retail Price: $64.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 323
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $47.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -73

A Glorious Chance
The Naval Struggle for Lake Ontario during the War of 1812
a solitaire game design by Gina Willis

A Glorious Chance is a solitaire, operational wargame that puts you in command of the U.S. or British naval squadron on Lake Ontario in 1813. You have four months to dominate the lake. But each patrol, each convoy mission, each amphibious landing you make to pursue victory risks full-scale battle with the enemy squadron - a battle that could leave you triumphant or shattered in a matter of hours. A dynamic card-driven AI opponent assigns British missions, refits and launches new ships, and plots raids on your supply routes and coastlines.

A Glorious Chance has eight turns representing the period June-September 1813, and is playable in about four hours. Each turn, the human player assigns friendly ships or stacks to patrol, convoy escort, land-support, or interception missions in any of six lake zones. Card and chit draws determine which enemy ships may deploy to the lake or stay in the shipyard to acquire more potent weaponry. The player draws a row of Target Cards, face-down. A side that reaches certain supply levels can launch certain ships from a shipyard, or have army troops readied to attempt more ambitious land operations. A final victory level is assessed at the end of the eighth turn; depending on the VP level, the game result can be a draw, or either side can win a marginal victory, victory, or decisive victory.
Approximate Retail Price: $75.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 324
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $55.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -74

  2nd Edition Reprint CPOs  (these require only 150 CPOs)

Ici c'est la France! - 2nd Edition
The Algerian War of Independence 1954 - 1962
Designer: Kim Kanger

This game covers the French insurgency war against the FLN in Algeria during 1954-62. It is a conflict of great drama. It cost the lives of at least half a million Algerians, it brought the tumultuous exodus of one million French settlers from Algeria and it brought France itself to the brink of civil war. There are three distinct factions of this simulation, Political, Insurgency, and Miltary, which are brilliantly interwoven such that it is the balance of these three factions that is the key to victory. One player is the FLN who will have units of three qualities, Moussebilines, Moudjahidines, and Zonal Commandos. The other player is France who will have both regular and elite regiments of Infantry, Mechanized, Paratroop, and Foreign Legion troops.
Approximate Retail Price: $60.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 79
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $45.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 71

Picket Duty - 2nd Edition
Kamikaze Attacks Against U.S. Destroyers - Okinawa 1945
Designer: Stve Dixon

By the time of the invasion of Okinawa in April 1945, the US Navy devised a plan to help ward off the expected kamikaze attacks during the battle for the island. In order to provide an early warning system for impending kamikaze attacks, the US Navy established 16 radar picket stations around the island Picket Duty is a solitaire game where you - as the captain of a Fletcher Class destroyer - fend off kamikaze attacks while performing picket duty off Okinawa. The game covers the time period from late March 1945 to late June 1945. Your goal is simple - survive.

The game comes with a basic game, advanced game, six historical scenarios, two hypothetical scenarios, a mini-campaign and a full campaign. Optional rules are also included. Each game turn is divided into three phases, each depicting an eight hour period. Key crew members are depicted with certain functions, as well as damage control teams. 35 types of Japanese planes are depicted on whopping 1.2" square counters .

Game features include: Weather - Damage Control - Ammo and Fuel Consumption - Ship Trim and Listing - Land and Ship Radar - Air and Surface Fire Support - Ohka attacks, and more.

Retail Price: $70.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 269
Pre-Order Price: $50.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: -119
This game is in production now and shipping early 2018.

A Splendid Little War - 2nd Edition
The Spanish American War - Santiago Campaign July 1-14, 1898
Designer: Andy Nunez

A Splendid Little War begun with the highest motives, carried on with magnificent intelligence and spirit, favored by that fortune which loves the brave." so did John Hay, U.S. ambassador to Britain describe the Spanish-American War which saw the U.S take possession of much of Spain's 400-year old empire, extending its territorial dominance overseas and joining the ranks of colonial nations.

The game covers the entire land campaign on Cuba, which saw the fall of Santiago de Cuba and the Spanish surrender of the island. It combines only moderate complexity with the delivery of a wide variety of unit types: the Rough Riders, Cuban (and Spanish) Guerrillas, Gatling Guns, the US Observation Balloon, Engineers, and just about everything in between.

The US, with more firepower and better artillery, has the upper hand but the dug in Spanish defenders, the Spanish relief column's arrival, and the ensuing Yellow fever will take its toll on the US forces and could turn a Splendid Little War into a wretched defeat.

Approximate Retail Price: $56.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 92
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $41.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 58

Prairie Aflame! - 2nd Edition
The Northwest Rebellion of 1885
Designer: Mark Woloshen

Prairie Aflame! is an operational treatment of Canada's Northwest Rebellion of 1885. The Metis (half Native and half European) set up a provisional government to try and gain recognition of their concerns with the federal government in Ottawa.

The federal government orders a detachment of Mounties to confiscate any weapons located at the Metis settlement of Duck Lake. The Mounties were met by a force of Metis and Natives and initially there was just talk. However, during the course of the discussion a gun was discharged and within minutes, the battle was on! The Mounties retreated, having taken 25% casualties - the rebellion was on. To prevent the rebellion from spreading, the government in Ottawa quickly dispatches a military force which would grow to 5,000 troops, most transported by the nearly complete Canadian Pacific Railway. After 4 months and several battles later, the govenment had successfully supressed the rebellion - if they had not, and this was their worst fear, the whole Northwest might have erupted in rebellion, keeping the government busy for years.

The basic military unit in the game is the battalion. All the battalions that participated in the campaign are represented, as are the various Northwest Mounted Police detachments, local militias, artillery, and gatling guns. They are faced by the Metis, the Woods Cree, and the Plains Cree. Units can remain together as battalions, or they can break down. Morale is better as a battalion, while mobility is better as a breakdown unit. Each strength point represents 50 men. The main rebel and government leaders are represented and they have an important effect on the game.

The 2nd Edition game will feature the same map artwork but the counter art will be new. It will also incorporate all known errata, of which there are only two minor points.

Approximate Retail Price: $45.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 48
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $33.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 102

The First Indochinca War 1950 - 1954
Designer: Kim Kanger

Tonkin is a two player game that covers the crucial period of the First Indochina War fought between the Viet Minh and France from 1946 -1954. The game focuses on the intensive years from 1950 - 1954 in the northern part of Vietnam, called Tonkin, and Laos. It is a game of high interactive play where both players have a set of ten operation points and a number of supply dumps. By spending operations points you will be able to perform different, mostly non-combat, actions. By expending a supply dump you will also be allowed to perform combat missions. But there will be a limited number of supply dumps to expend and they will also be needed to keep units in supply. When you spend operation points you will only be allowed to spend one, two or three points in a row before it is your opponents turn to spend his.

The two sides have very different forces so you have to identify what you are good at and avoid getting into situations where your opponent will beat you on his backyard. The French units are strong. They have artillery and air support, plus they have a high motorization which gives them mobility in clear terrain. Viet Minh units move fast in bad terrain and they can ambush and fight with sudden ferocity. This is a game of high tension and tough decisions, and you will not be rewarded for ineptitude. It is won by controlling territory and by forcing the other player to replace and reinforce heavily and this is a balance you have to keep an eye on.
Approximate Retail Price: $60.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 50
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $45.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 100

Dien Bien Phu - 2nd Edition
The Final Gamble
Designer: Kim Kanger

Dien Bien Phu depicts the decisive battle which took place in a distant jungle valley in northern Vietnam. It was a battle where both sides knew from start would be a final showdown. The French were desperately seeking for an opportunity to bring the Viet Minh main battle force into battle on French terms. Dien Bien Phu was a trap where superior units and weapons would crush the Viet Minh onslaught. Viet Minh felt they could not win the war unless they managed to upgrade their mode of fighting into a full scale war. The French were too strong in the delta but in a distant valley they had gathered almost all their best units without whom France would lose their will to continue. Dien Bien Phu was the place where France would be dealt a crushing defeat.

It was a battle of preparation, assault and reaction. Viet Minh dug approaching trenches before assaulting the French strongpoints. The overwhelmed French defenders were forced to react by throwing reserve battalions into the pyre in order to save their position. The game will be fast and furious. The Viet Minh player will try to make the French defense collapse, and the French player will try to make the Viet Minh steam run dry and force them to stop.

The 2nd Edition game will feature the same artwork but will incorporate all known errata and feature the latest living rules from the first edition.

Approximate Retail Price: $64.00 Pre-Orders to Date: 122
Approximate Pre-Order Price: $48.00 Pre-Orders Still Needed: 28

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