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Discussion Folders for Released Games

Discussion Folders for CPO Games

Ici, c'est la France!
The Algerian War of Independence, 1954 - 1962
Saipan & Tinian
Island War Series: Volume I
Slouch Hat & Eggshells
Allied Invasion of Syria/Lebanon, 1941
B-29 Superfortress & Hell Over Korea
Bombers Over Japan 1944 - 1945
and the Expansion Module for B-29 Superfortress
The First Indochina War 1950 - 1954

Indian Wars of the American West Series
The Battles of Little Bighorn, Rosebud, Adobe Walls
Picket Duty
Kamikaze attacks against US Destroyers - Okinawa, 1945
Tanga 1914
The Invasion of German East Africa
Redvers Reverse
The Battle of Colenso, 1899
Dien Bien Phu
Nothern Vietnam, March 13 - May 7, 1954
Toulon, 1793
Napoleon's First Great Victory

Waters of Oblivion
British Invasions of Argentina 1806 - 1807

Decisive Victory, 1918
The Second Battle of the Marne

Island War Series
Battles of Saipan & Tinian, Guam, Attu & Kiska

Fire on the Mountain
The Battle of South Mountain: Sept. 14th, 1862

SHS Series
The Battle Blenheim, 1704

The Great Game
Rival Empires in Central Asia 1837 - 1886

The Last Invasion
The Fenian Raids on Canada - 1866 & 1870

Battles of the Northwest Rebellion
5 Battles during the Riel Rebellion - 1886

Maori Wars
New Zealand Land Wars 1845 - 1872


Russian Civil War Campaigns in the Ukraine, 1919

Fall of a Fortress, 1942 and  Retaking the Rock, 1945

Russo-Japanese War
Land and Naval Operations 1904 - 1905


Dan Carlins Hardcore History
It's a great collection of podcasts covering a wide variety of military history topics.


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