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November 13, 2014

Work continues on Toulon, 1793 and with the artwork for the box/counters complete those two components are in production. Meanwhile Andy Loakes is proofing the rules/charts and I am polishing up the map. Everything still points to a late year release for this innovative game.

In other news, Bomb's Away is back on track with Bob Best filling the void when Shawn Rife stepped away from the project. Bob brings with him a wealth of knowledge both aeronautical and game related. Look for this game on the CPO list mid 2015.

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Randy Lein - LWG


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game design by
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This is just my way of saying thank you for continuing to Pre-Order games despite the ever higher cost of shipping.

Randy Lein - LWG


Dien Bien Phu 

game designed by
Kim Kanger