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Game Design Submissions:

Legion Wargames is always on the lookout for game design submissions on lesser known conflicts and/or systems different enough to warrant covering a classic battle in history.  I am especially interested in securing game designs covering some lesser known/gamed WWII East Front battles. The game submitted should be fully designed and mostly developed as Legion Wargames does not have any on-staff developers. If the game design is mostly complete and you have someone in mind to act as a developer on your game please feel free to include that information with your submission.
The graphics don't have to be anywhere near production quality since as publisher I consider that part my contribution to the project. 

Since you the designer will be most familiar with the game I do ask that you assist with the post-release support of the game by answering player questions and being active in the Consim World discussion folders and on Board Game Geek.

Email me at for more information.

Randy Lein
Owner - Legion Wargames