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Two Full Games:
Fall of a Fortress -1942
Retaking the Rock -1945
by John Heim 

Corregidor is a simulation of the two battles fought for Corregidor and the fortified islands at the entrance to Manila Bay during World War II.  The first battles began with the Japanese bombing of the island in early 1942 and ended in May of that year with it's surrender. After General Douglas MacArthur's return to the Philippines, Corregidor once again became a target of invasion, both to avenge the loss three years before and to clear the mouth of Manila Bay to Allied shipping.

Game Maps

6/10" Counters

Game Rules

Player Aids


Solitaire Play

Est. Retail Price

22" x 34"
(two maps)

540 - EasyPunch 

24 page 

4 Charts

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