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Battles of the                                  
Northwest Rebellion
by Mark Woloshen 


In 1885, western Canada is rocked by the specter of rebellion. Louis Riel, who had fled to the US following the Red River Rebellion in 1870 had been called back by the Metis of Saskatchewan to make their case before the federal government. The result was the Northwest Rebellion, which started with the Battle of Duck Lake in March and ended with the Battle of Loon Lake in June. In the meantime, 5,000 government soldiers covered thousands of kilometers and fought four pitched battles against various First Nations and Metis opponents. Fish Creek was a meeting engagement that caused the government forces to re-evaluate their strategy against the Metis. Cut Knife Hill was a reconnaissance in force, which almost cost the government a "Custer" like tragedy. Frenchman's Butte was an assault on a prepared position designed to free hostages and capture the hostiles of Big Bear's Cree band. Each was a near run affair, and each was a battle of the Northwest Rebellion. Each game is grand tactical in scale, with units representing companies (or their equivalent) per unit (10 men per strength point), and each hex represents approx. 100 yards.

The game includes the following 5 battles, each with it's own map and counters.

  • Fish Creek - April 24, 1885
  • Cut Knife Hill - May 2, 1885
  • Duck Lake - March 26, 1885
  • Frenchman's Butte - May 28, 1885
  • Loon Lake - June 3, 1885

Game Map

6/10" Counters

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