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By Mountains and Sea
The Battle for Novorossiysk - February, 1943
game design by Mark Jessop
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By 1943 the Soviets had turned the tide against the Germans.  The only foothold that the enemy then had in the Caucasus was in the Kuban region.  To eject them fully from there the Soviets instigated Operation Gory/Morsky - a joint operation by land, air, and sea.  This is a conflict simulation of the part of that operation encompassing the assault on the port city of Novorossiysk.  

Two or more players assume opposed sides.  Either the German and Romanians, or the Soviets.  With a time scale of some ten days (the game can end before then), the Soviets are tasked with landing naval infantry (the Black Devils), and dropping paratroopers in an attempt to take control of the city.  
As well as the basic game there are also several shorter scenarios.

Units in the game are represented by 20x20x10mm blocks increasing the level of fog of war.  The game map portrays the region around Novorossiysk and uses a hexagonal grid of small hexes that are grouped into larger seven hex ‘Air Space’ zones for air combat, paratroop drops, and artillery bombardments. Each small hex is approximately 2 kms across. The game covers the nine days of the assault (one full turn per day) with three separate phases per day (morning, afternoon, and night). A Weather section ascertains the weather for each phase.

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Air Combat

Naval Operations