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Russo-Japanese War                   
1904 - 1905
game by Michael Taylor

Russo-Japanese War is a detailed, operational-level game that models the historical 1904-05 campaign in Manchuria. The game is designed for two players, but can easily accommodate additional players. For example, each side might have separate naval and ground commanders and/or multiple ground commanders. The Russian player controls the Russian ground and naval forces. The Japanese player controls the Japanese ground and naval forces. The Russian player must defend Russian possessions in Manchuria while building up his armies by reinforcement from Siberia and European Russia, and then inflict unacceptable losses on his opponent and force him to sue for peace. The Japanese player must quickly defeat the Russian army before it can reinforce itself. Both sides must avoid heavy losses and a protracted war. Russian National Will and social unrest may bring on the downfall of the monarchy, while Japan has very limited resources.


Game Map

EasyPunch Counters

Game Rules

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Solitaire Play

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22" x 34" 

1100 - 6/10" counters  

24 pg.rules

8 Charts 

6 of 10 

6 of 10 


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