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Drive on Voronezh
June 28 - July 27, 1942
game design by John Theissen
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The Battle of Voronezh was fought on the Eastern Front of World War II, in and around the strategically important city of Voronezh on the Don river, 450 km (280 mi) south of Moscow, from 28 June-27 July 1942, as the opening move of the German summer offensive that year.  The German attack in this sector bit into parts of the Soviet Briansk and Southwestern Fronts with German panzer corps leading the drive.The German assault was conducted by the element of the 4th Panzer Army′s forces of Army Group South under commanded by General Hermann Hoth, who was under strict instructions not to get bogged down in street-to-street fighting.

The armored units of the 4th Panzer Army partly captured Voronezh on 6 July by occupying the western river-bank suburbs, however German troops were subjected to a Red Army counter-attack. The 4th Panzer Army was to be followed by the Sixth Army, and when Voronezh was occupied the former was to wheel south-eastward and move down the right bank of the Don towards Stalingrad as part of Operation Blau. It took two days for infantry divisions from the Army Group South to reach Voronezh to hold the line and free the Panzer troops; Adolf Hitler later came to believe that these two days, when combined with other avoidable delays on the drive south, allowed Marshal Semyon Timoshenko to reinforce the forces in Stalingrad before the 4th Panzer Army could arrive to allow taking of Stalingrad. 

Drive on Voronezh covers this opening move in the Fall Blau offensive.  The scale of the game is nine miles per hex and two days per turn.  The basic units in the game are divisions with special brigades for the Germans and brigades/corps for the Russians.  The game uses a basic I Go - You Go system but also includes special event cards that allow players to augment certain combat and movement situations.

   LCD Series
Low Complexity Design/Low Counter Density.

All games in this series will have one or both of these attributes. The games will be easier to learn and quicker to play than a typical board wargame but will still maintain a high level of historical accuracy. LCD games are perfect for persons new to the hobby or for the veteran player looking for a game that can be played in a single session.

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